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The fighissim story of the gatt with the stivals

  • da: admin
  • caricato: 15/giu/2014
The fighissim story of the gatt with the stivals /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=101

C'era one volt, in one paes very far away- in the cul of the passer-one poor, sfigated boy.
His babb-  who was a mugnay- morending had lasciated to his fratels a mulin and an asin, and also lasciated to him ( who was the piccolest and the most sfigated of all family), un cazz of gatt and also brutt. ( com' a say which piovs always on the bagnat)...
Sto cazz of boy no avev better to do than frignar all the tiime , rompending very very deeply the gatt's coglions.
Infact, at one cert point, the gatt sbotted and dissed:
" You are very rompending my felin's coglions, you are bagnanding tutt the stanz, which is humid herself, also senz your lacrims of  the menga"
The sfigated boy moved his okks vers the gatt and dissed:

< Are you scem, svalvolated at all, or  “maccu in chains”? - said the boy- If the orc sees me rubending his boots, he willl give me a fracc' of botts, altrochè boots>
< Mh. miagoled the gatt, you are very fifon, you look  like the “assucònu's friend”, don't you want to go? pegg for you, allor>- and went back to leccs his intim parts.
 Afer a quarter of happy hour affacendating in his toilet, the gatt puts his okks vers the boy, who was fissanding him very fastidiously, and said again:
< So, why are you fissanding me, didn't you ever seen any bidet? If you ever avut the tv,  you had veduted the master in ass licking, his name is Emily Faith, he i s a journalist but, to parl to you is like to parl to the asin of your fratel...>
Anyway the ragazz anded and torned in a balen with the boots for the gatt.
Appen the gatt vided the boots sayd:
Oh, cacchyo, che brutt boots you ported me, they sembrans disegned by Robin Hourses, but the time is stringing and I have to buttar down the project wich will salve your cul-
With the brutt boots in his magic zamps ( poetic licence), in a balen he capured two pernics and some more sfigated selvage animals ( cause mic poteved portar to the King a kil of carrots, no?) and ported all in a sac to the King dicending:
King, accept this sac from the part of the sfigated... ehm... Markes of Carrabs-
Oh, graz- sayed the King guardanding inside the sac and pensandig:
“E chi cazz is this markes of carrabs?, Boh!”
Anyway the King ringrazied the gatt and went to magn cause it was pranzo's time.
The regals from the gatt continued for a couple of mesis, finch, at one cert point, the King, magnated by curiosity, decised to conoscer better ( or really) that fucking markes of carrabs.

The gatt organized every cos. Precedetted the king's carrozz and ordined the contadins to dir to the King one sacc of bugyes, but the contadins inspirated by the dett the dett “contadin, grand shoes and cervell fin” replyched to the gatt:
Oh, gatt of my stivals, the dett parls chiarament of shoes, not boots, you are sbaglianding dy gross the story, here is not a proposit of “Pinoeye”-
Infatt, dissed the gatt, you chiamed me “ gatt of my stivals” and guard here, stivals, altriment detted boots, piece of ignorant that you are not altr! I'm indosseting the orc's stivals and if you don't obbedisc, i'm prendending you a calcs in you cul, capitt? And Or, cammin with pass long and well distesies , don't romp my marons and fat what i have ditted.
THE CONTADINS closed theyre becs as the gatt- sfoderating his artigls- comincied to put the smalt on his ungs...

Fin of the prim part...arrivedercy
Don't perder the seconda part of the gatt with the stivals. Apr your okk every giorn on But if you don't want to move your cul from the sedy, you can wait the second part quy, but don't prendertel a viz.
Una fighissim story scritted by LISA CØRIMBI.

(she dics that if you don't have the barratt in your name you are sfigated, because sol with the barrat you can vend one sacc of librs).

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