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Words have a tendency to pale in comparison when it comes to information about forklift equipment. Who hasn't dreamed about moving tons of equipment from one place to another on the wheels of these sharp maneuvering, and very powerful little work carts. It often looks so easy for people to be rolling around a warehouse but it takes a lot of skill and talent to understand how to operate the forklift safely and efficiently around from one place to another.When it comes to being qualified to drive a forklift, many don't realize that there is a strict training process that needs to be followed. Not just anyone can legally get on a forklift and start moving pallets of crates from the shelves of the storage area into the waiting trucks that are going to carry the goods to market. No, there is a program for training that needs to be taken which will result in the awarding of a driving certificate or a license to operate the forklift legally in the state that you reside in. The course is part classroom and part practical so that there is a fundamental understanding of the workings of the forklift equipment. If the misuse of a forklift in a storage setting is ever witnessed then it should be reported immediately.Weight distribution of the load is one of the most important pieces of information that needs to be learned and understood before a person is qualified to drive a forklift. When carrying a load of heavy material it is important to move the load as far back on the forklift equipment as possible so that it might maintain a balance. When moving heavy loads up or down a ramp the weight should be kept uphill, this will provide the best balance for safety. So drive in forward if going up the ramp and in reverse when coming down the ramp. This keeps the weight more centered. Most forklift equipment isn't designed to have weight off of its center and that could lead to an unsafe toppling of the load, the forklift or both off the ramp. That woul

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